• Tea Tree Oil - Anti Acne

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 Tea Tree Oil Soap - Anti Acne

PCSF Dermatologist TestedProfessional Skin Care Formula Tea tree soap is a blend of tea tree oil and tea tree leaves. Ground leaf is a mild abrasive and superb exfoliator. The soap is for skin that is blemished or irritated. It soothes and reduces inflammation. It has a moderate natural fragrance and antiseptic properties and has excellent dermal penetration that battles pimples. Can also be made use of as body deodorant soap. Stops body odor triggered by micro-organisms on the skin and clothes. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties lessen the bacteria that leads to body smell and swelling. Tea tree oil is a totally natural antibacterial substance, well known for its recovery properties. Tea tree oil is additionally a natural antiseptic that assists in the healing of cuts and swellings along with skin problem like acne, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Tea tree oil has actually come to be a prominent natural active ingredient in skin care because of its remarkable healing powers. This skin miracle comes from Australia, where over 300 varieties of tea trees naturally exist. It has been used by Aboriginal tribes for thousands of years due to its healing qualities. But you do not need to take a trip all the way to Australia to get the perks of the tea tree. Tea tree has many anti-viral and anti-fungal properties that the Australian army places it in soldier's first aid sets. Tea tree can also treat ring worm, athlete's foot, soften corns, heal cuts & scrapes, soothe itching of insect bites and chicken pox, and get rid of warts, acne and dandruff. Tea tree is an outstanding treatment for acne. One study discovered tea tree oil to be just as successful as benzoyl peroxide, however without the unfavorable adverse effects like inflammation and peeling. An age-old secret, now and still a modern day wonder.

Professional Skin Care Formula Tea Tree Soap Glycolic: 

  • supplies a refreshing clean-- Invigorates and cleanses the skin.
  • is suitable for all skin kinds.
  • is for anybody looking for an entirely natural all-purpose bath, face, or hand cleaning soap.
  • is specifically suggested to those suffering from acne, psoriasis, tinea or any other skin infections.
  • controls skin imperfections and blemishes without being extremely drying for the skin.
  • is refreshingly restorative, offering intrinsic antiseptic tea tree oil which leaves your skin clean and silky smooth
  • lets you experience the antibacterial and mildly astringent properties of 100 % pure Tea Tree Oil.
  • provides antibacterial properties to naturally lessen germs that might intensify skin conditions. Its gentle purifying action can be made use of all over the body to leave the skin crispy clean and refreshed!
  • Gives you beautiful, healthy, dynamic, and smooth skin.

Usage Instruction:

For external usage just. Wet skin. Apply adequate quantity to develop a rich lather, rinse totally. Suggested as a completely natural (veggie base) all-purpose face and body cleansing soap, bath bar or hand soap. Specifically advised for skin infections. Ideal face and body care bar to use on a day-to-day basis.